Complications of Conjunctivitis
Complications of Conjunctivitis

4 Most Common Complications of Conjunctivitis in Humans

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Complications of Conjunctivitis in Humans

Complications of conjunctivitis can occur in both children and adults. The following are complications of conjunctivitis that can occur based on the type of conjunctivitis suffered.

Infective Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis may last for several months if caused by sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia (chlamydia). The following are some of the complications that can occur as a result of infective conjunctivitis:

  1. If bacteria enter the bloodstream and invade the body’s tissues, the patient may experience blood poisoning or called sepsis.
  2. The protective layer of the spinal cord and the brain, or the meninges, may have an infection (meningitis).
  3. Middle ear infections. This condition is experienced by 25 percent of children suffering from conjunctivitis due to the bacterium haemophilus influenzae.
  4. The surface of the skin becomes swollen or inflamed and painful due to infection that occurs in the tissues and layers in the skin (cellulitis).

Neonatal conjunctivitis

Infective conjunctivitis occurring in newborns up to 28 days should be treated immediately because it can cause permanent vision damage. Most infants infected with infective conjunctivitis can be completely cured and few have complications.

Punctate Epithelial Keratitis

Keratitis can occur due to conjunctivitis that causes the cornea to swell or become inflamed. This condition causes the eye is sensitive to light and pain. Blindness can occur if the ulcer appears in the cornea and causes permanent damage.

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