Chickenpox Complications
Chickenpox Complications

The Most Common Chickenpox Complications in Humans

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Chickenpox Complications in Humans

Chickenpox Complications – Chickenpox includes a mild disease that rarely causes complications, especially in normally healthy children. In contrast to children, adults with chickenpox generally experience more severe symptoms and require treatment at the hospital.

There are a number of complications in chickenpox that may occur, especially in those at high risk. Some of these complications include:

  • Bacterial infections that attack the nodule with an indication of skin around the nodules are red and sore.
  • Pneumonia, especially in people with chickenpox who smoked.
  • Dehydration.
  • Inflammation of the brain or encephalitis.
  • Meningitis.

Pregnant women who are exposed to chickenpox are also more at risk of complications. If chickenpox in the first 7 months of pregnancy, the baby in the womb is at risk of congenital varicella syndrome. This syndrome can cause serious complications in infants, such as cataracts, skin injuries, or damage to the brain, and short arms or legs.

The transmission of chickenpox to the baby can also occur when the mother is infected one week before or after childbirth. If this happens, newborns will be at risk for more severe chickenpox.

Risk Of Chickenpox Complications

Varicella zoster virus can settle in nerve cells of the body even after the symptoms of chickenpox heal. Later, the virus has the possibility to reappear and cause smallpox fire, especially in adults and people with decreased immune systems.

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