Chalazion Definition
Chalazion Definition

Chalazion Definition By Medical

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Chalazion Definition By Medical

Chalazion definition is a lump on the upper or lower eyelids, but generally occurs on the upper eyelid. This condition is a malfunction of the meibom glands located just above the lashes. Meibom glands are the producers of lipid components that make the outer layer of the eye always wet and damp so the eyeballs are not dry and irritated.

chalazion includes a chronic condition that develops from a sterile lump or an infection lump. A sterile lump is caused by a blockage of the way out of the lipid component resulting in swelling of the meibom glands, sometimes to a rupture.

While infected meibom glands, commonly caused by staphylococcal bacteria, will become abscess (a lump containing pus) and very painful. This condition is called internal hordeolum and if left will become chalazion.

chalazion will usually develop slowly from two millimeters to a maximum of eight millimeters.

A sterile lump of chalazion will be painful to the touch when it first grows. But the pain will decrease slowly in a few days. The number of lumps that grow also sometimes can be more than one, so the eyelids can be seen to experience uneven swelling.

The cause of chalazion

On the inner surface of our eyelids are ‘tiny’ glands that produce liquids to moisturize the eyeballs, called meibom glands. If the gland is blocked, the fluid will accumulate and form a fluid-filled lump. This is the cause behind the emergence of chalazion.

This condition can be experienced by everyone of all ages. However, chalazion is more commonly experienced by people who have also experienced bintitan (hordeolum), blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid), or eczema.

Diagnosis and Treatment of chalazion

chalazion diagnosis can generally be done by looking at the condition of the eyelids of the person and the absence of pain complaints on the lump. The recommended treatment depends on the diagnosis.

These conditions rarely require special medical treatment. Approximately 25 to 50 percent of people with chalazion can heal by themselves within two weeks to six months.

  • You can also do home care to help speed up the chalazion healing process. These simple steps include:
  • Warm water compresses. Use a soft cloth soaked in warm water, then compress your eyelids. Frequency of compress can be three to four times a day. This method can reduce the feeling of wedge in the eyelid and moisturize the surface of the lump.
  • Gentle massage after compression. This step is to remove the liquid from inside the bump. Do not forget to wash your hands before doing a massage. You can also use a clean cotton bud.
  • Clean the eyelids. Do it at least twice a day so there is no accumulation of eye droppings that can trigger irritation and infection.

If the lump does not go away after these treatment steps, your doctor may advise small surgery. In this procedure, the liquid in the lump will be removed through a small incision on the surface of the lump.

The use of antibiotics is usually not recommended because the chalazion lump is usually sterile, so antibiotics appear ineffective in treating the disease.

chalazion Complications

chalazion rarely causes complications. However, the untreated chalazion lump has the potential to spread throughout the eyelids and tissues around the eyes. Irritated eyelids will be reddened and swollen.

The vision ability of chalazion sufferers is also usually not disturbed. However, if large, chalazion bumps have the potential to suppress the eyeball and cause blurred vision.

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