Causes of Snoring
Causes of Snoring

9 Most Common Causes of Snoring in Adults and Children

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Causes of Snoring

A large snoring sound is generated by obstructed air passing through the respiratory tract structures during sleep. But in general, snoring occurs when the soft tissue in the palate (soft palate), child prodigal (uvula), and throat to relax when we enter deeper sleep (sleep) after sleep for about 90 minutes. Other parts that also experience vibration are the nasal passages, tongue base, and tonsils. Muscles and tissues that are in this relaxed condition that causes disturbed or obstructed flow of air passing so that there is vibration or snoring.

The more narrow the air flow, the more difficult it is also the air passes through the respiratory tract. This condition causes an increase in the strength of the airflow resulting in a stronger vibration or snoring sound as well. There are several factors that affect the disruption of air flow causes snoring, namely:

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. The supine sleeping position causes the throat to narrow and the tongue descends downwards, blocking airflow.
  3. Anatomy of the mouth, for example has a ceiling that is too low, the position of the jaw is wrong due to muscles are tense, and the throat that closes when sleeping.
    Nasal disruption, eg severe blockage or perforated nostril splints
  4. Partially blocked airways, eg due to colds or allergies that cause tonsils to enlarge.
  5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs that make the throat muscles become relaxed
  6. Overweight (obesity) which causes the amount of fatty tissue around the throat.
  7. Apnea sleeping obstruction, ie when the existing tissue in the throat obstructs some or all of the air flow so as to interfere with breathing.
  8. Men are more likely to experience snoring than women.
  9. Have a family member who snores or suffers from sleep apnea obstruction.

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