Causes of Sarcoidosis
Causes of Sarcoidosis

4 Most Common Causes of Sarcoidosis Disease

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Causes of Sarcoidosis

Causes of Sarcoidosis Disease may be triggered by several factors, but the exact cause remains unknown to date. A person is suspected of having sarcoidosis caused by an infectious organism, a dust factor, a chemical substance, or other sources of infection. This reaction triggers immune cells to converge and form an inflammatory pattern to form granulomas in the infected organ. As the pile of granuloma increases in the infected organs, the function of the organ will be disrupted.

Until now, not known what causes the body to attack its own network. Conditions associated with this immune system, including sarcoidosis, are known as autoimmune conditions and not including infectious conditions.

Some other factors can increase a person’s risk of sarcoidosis Disease, among others:

  1. Ethnic – Sarcoidosis Disease is more susceptible and occurs repeatedly in African-American ethnicity. These ethnicities also have a greater risk of sarcoidosis Disease and recurrence than other ethnic groups.
  2. Age and sex – The disease is commonly experienced by women as well as those in the 20-40 year age group.
  3. History of sarcoidosis in the family.
  4. Has a history of other autoimmune disorder diseases.

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