What Are The Causes of Ringworm in Humans?

Causes of Ringworm in Humans
Causes of Ringworm in Humans

Causes of Ringworm in Humans

The causes of ringworm in humans is a fungus dermatophytes or fungi that can survive in the skin. This fungus lives from keratin which is the basic ingredients of skin tissue, hair, and human nails.

Spread of fungal spores can be through direct contact with humans, animals, objects, or even the soil. In addition, there are some groups of people who have a higher risk for contracting ringworm. Among these are children, elderly, obese people, people with type 1 diabetes, people with atherosclerosis, people who have had previous yeast infections, people with poor blood circulation, and people with decreased immune systems such as people with HIV or users Steroid tablets.

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