8 Most Common Causes of Hepatitis A in Adults

Causes of Hepatitis A
Causes of Hepatitis A

Causes of Hepatitis A in Adults

The cause of this disease is the hepatitis A virus that can spread very easily. Most causes of hepatitis A in the world caused by the consumption of foods that have been contaminated by feces of people with hepatitis A due to poor hygiene. So it is important for us, especially the children, to always wash their hands regularly and not snack in places where cleanliness is doubtful.

Some of the risk factors that can increase the spread of hepatitis A virus include:

  1. Poor sanitation.
  2. Lack of clean water availability.
  3. Eat raw foods.
  4. Direct contact with people, for example because of living at home.
  5. Wear and share syringes.
  6. Having sex with people, especially anal sex.
  7. Intercourse between men.
  8. Work in areas related to dirt, eg sewers.
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