Causes of Chickenpox in Adults
Causes of Chickenpox in Adults

6 Most Common Causes of Chickenpox in Adults

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Causes of Chickenpox in Adults

Causes of Chickenpox in Adults – Chickenpox caused by this varicella zoster virus can be transmitted very easily and quickly. Transmission can be through direct contact with the person or through a splash of fluid during a person sneezing or coughing. You are even considered to have been exposed to chickenpox virus if you have been in direct contact or had one room with a sufferer for 15 minutes.

The moments to avoid are 1-2 days before the rash appears until the nodules dry and become sore (about a week after the appearance of the rash).

There are several factors that may increase your risk for contracting the disease. These risk factors include:

  1. Never had chickenpox.
  2. Have not received chickenpox vaccine, especially pregnant women.
  3. Have a weakened immune system, for example because of HIV, using steroid drugs, or undergoing chemotherapy.
  4. Work in public places such as schools or hospitals.
  5. House with children.
  6. Babies, especially newborns, who have mothers who have not received chickenpox vaccine.

People with chickenpox usually do not need to undergo tests or medical examinations for the diagnosis. You are most likely to have chickenpox if you have major symptoms, such as a mild fever followed by a rash appearance. Red puncture due to chickenpox also has a significant texture, making it easily recognizable.

Pregnant or lactating women, people with weakened immune systems, and babies under the age of one month should be examined by a doctor if they have symptoms of chickenpox. Diagnosis and treatment as early as possible are needed to avoid the risk of complications.

Doctors can also perform simple blood tests to confirm your symptoms and see if you have immunity against chickenpox or not. The presence of chickenpox virus antibodies in the body indicates that you are already protected from the disease. But if you do not have it, your doctor will monitor the progress of the condition.

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