Causes of Atopic Eczema
Causes of Atopic Eczema

10 Most Common Causes of Atopic Eczema in Humans

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Causes of Atopic Eczema in Humans

Until now the basic causes of eczema is not fully known. It is estimated, a combination of genetic factors and several factors that trigger the occurrence of atopic eczema.

Genetic or hereditary factors have a role in causing the emergence of this atopic eczema. If both parents suffer from atopic eczema, eight out of ten children will experience the same condition. But until now not known exactly which genes that cause eczema. In addition, some of the factors that trigger atopic eczema are:

  1. Irritating ingredients such as soap, shampoo, and detergent.
  2. Hormonal changes in women during pregnancy and before menstruation.
  3. Skin infections.
  4. Environmental factors, such as cold and dry weather, and humidity,
  5. Allergen factors, such as fleas, dust, animal dander, and pollen.
  6. Materials that touch directly on the skin, such as wool and synthetic materials.

Here are some things that can aggravate atopic eczema in the sufferer:

  1. Sweating. When we work or exercise and spend a lot of sweat, the eczema rash can get worse.
  2. Stress and scratching habits .
  3. Use of perfumed products.
  4. Exposure to pollution smoke or cigarette smoke.

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