Bronchitis Complications
Bronchitis Complications

4 Most Common Bronchitis Complications Humans

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Bronchitis Complications Humans

Bronchitis Complications Humans – About 5 percent of people with bronchitis have secondary infections in one or both lungs. This infection mainly attacks air pockets known as alveoli. This infection is also referred to as Bronchitis.

The risk of people suffering from Bronchitis will increase if:

  1. Getting older.
  2. Have a habit of smoking.
  3. Suffer from other diseases such as the heart, or kidneys.
  4. Have a weak immune system.

Symptoms of Bronchitis include:

  1. Rapid heartbeat.
  2. Difficulty breathing. Breathing short and fast despite being rested.
  3. Have a fever.
  4. Feeling unwell.
  5. Pain in the chest.
  6. Loss of appetite.
  7. Chills

Mild Bronchitis can be treated with antibiotics and plenty of rest. You are also advised to increase fluid consumption. But for more severe cases should be treated in hospital. Respiratory or ventilator, can help breathing. While antibiotic drugs can be given directly into the blood vessels through the infusion.

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