Breast Infection Symptoms or Mastitis Infection in Women
Breast Infection Symptoms

The Most Common Breast Infection Symptoms in Women

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Breast Infection Symptoms in Women

Breast infection symptoms that commonly affects nursing women in the first 12 weeks after delivery. In some cases, it can also be experienced by women who do not breastfeed.

At the time of mastitis, breasts will swell, reddish, and feel warm. This swelling causes pain especially when exposed to touch. Usually, mastitis only attack one side of the breast alone, although not close the possibility of both breasts affected.

Symptoms of Breast Infection

Breast infection or mastitis is characterized by a warm, warm, reddish swelling of the breast, and usually causes pain and burning sensation, especially when breastfeeding. Usually, these symptoms are experienced only on one side of the breast only.

In addition, mastitis often makes the patient feel exhausted, or exhausted, and symptoms such as high fever and cold heat.

In other cases, the symptoms may be similar to flu symptoms for several hours before the patient realizes there is an area of the breast that is slightly swollen. Immediately see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and get treatment.

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