What is Black Spots On Skin?

Black Spots On Skin
Black Spots On Skin

What is Black Spots On Skin?

Black Spots On Skin  is a term for a collection of natural pigments, or melanin, containing melanosomes. Black spots can be seen as freckles on facial skin, although it can also appear on other body parts, such as arms and shoulders. These spots will tend to be easily seen and easily appear in people with bright skin color. Black spots are a common condition and usually do not endanger themselves sufferers.

Causes of Black Spots On Skin

Black spots appear due to increased production of melanosome in melanin, especially after exposure to sunlight. Melanin is the pigment that determines the color on the skin, eyes, hair, and certain parts in the human ear. This is why the skin that has lots of melanosome will be darker than the surrounding skin, so it looks like a freckle. Black spots may grow dark after exposure to sunlight, so the use of sunscreen is highly recommended for people with this tendency.

Ethnic people living in certain areas are at risk of having more melanin than other ethnicities, so geographical factors also cause black spots. People who live around the equator tend to have more melanin in their body’s response to sunlight. This process makes their skin more common in dark brown. This is influenced by the characteristics of melanin that can absorb sunlight, as well as dispel UV radiation.

Black spots can also occur due to genetic defects. People with bright skin and have blond or red hair are the ones who often experience this condition.

Black spots can also appear in older people. These spots are known as liver spots or sun spots.

Symptoms of Black Spots On Skin

Black spots on the skin will look like patches or spots are bright brown evenly. These spots or stain points are usually circular in various sizes and colors. Spots can start appearing at the age of one or two.

Black spots will fade as the intensity of sun exposure diminishes. Conversely, too much exposure to sunlight can cause inflammation or also called sunburn freckles.

It’s Time to Seek Medical Relief

Black spots are usually harmless to health and generally not at risk of cancer. However, in rare cases, black spots may be a symptom of xeroderma pigmentosum and neurofibromatosis.

Black spots that are difficult to distinguish from skin cancer conditions are also dangerous, for example melanoma. Therefore, it’s good to be wary of spots or stain point. Immediately see a dermatologist to recognize and get the right diagnosis

Prevention of Black Spots On Skin

Although black spots are genetically inherited, people who do not have these genes can have spots on their skin, for example when they are too frequent or live in areas with abundant sunlight. This can not always be avoided, because on the other hand, humans need the natural vitamin D that can be obtained from the sun. However black spots can be anticipated by using sunscreen with SPF 50. In bright-skinned people, it is increasingly important to avoid UV radiation that is at risk of triggering skin cancer.

Some people who have black spots have the option to undergo laser therapy in an attempt to remove these spots. In addition to laser therapy, owners of black spots can use cosmetics to disguise the spots that feel disturbing appearance.

Another trick is to use a wide hat and comfortable clothes that can protect the body from the sun. Watch the hours as the sun is shining with the heat. Usually occurs at 10:00 to 14:00. It’s good you are not too long to be outdoors at the times above.

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