7 Best Steps to Bells Palsy Treatment For Adults

Bells Palsy Treatment
Bells Palsy Treatment

Bells Palsy Treatment

If someone has sudden facial paralysis, you should immediately be taken to the nearest hospital. According to studies, the Bells palsy treatment will be very effective if done within the first 3 days after the initial symptoms appear.

Although without special treatment, usually the case of Bells palsy can be fully restored. Treatment is usually required to speed up the healing process and prevent the emergence of complications due to Bells palsy.

Handling on Bells Palsy

Here are some Bells palsy treatment.

  1. Prednisolone. This drug is highly recommended as the most effective treatment of Bells palsy. Should this drug be given 72 hours since the initial symptoms appear. This medicine will be prescribed for 10 days and consumed twice a day. Find out more about prednisolone.
  2. Anti virus. Until now, the role of antiviral drugs is still a debate. However, doctors may prescribe antiviral or antiviral combined with prednisone in patients with severe facial nerve defects.
  3. Eye care. Patients Bells palsy will be difficult to close your eyes. This can cause tears to evaporate, so the eyes become drier and more susceptible to infection. Tears play an important role to protect and keep eyes free of dirt and bacteria. Doctors will prescribe eye drops for daytime and eye drops at night.
  4. Physiotherapy. Physiotherapists will teach you some exercises that can strengthen the facial muscles. This is done to improve coordination and range of movement. This procedure is helpful in cases of Bells palsy, although not everyone is in compliance with this procedure.
  5. Botox injections. Especially in patients with chronic or long-term Bells palsy, botox injections may be given to treat affected and unaffected faces. This injection serves to relax the facial muscles that tighten or reduce unwanted muscle movement. These injections also serve to balance facial movement, overcome the discomfort felt during meals, and improve overall facial appearance. Botox injections generally need to be repeated every four months.
  6. Plastic Surgery. The surgeon will help overcome the weakness or paralysis of your face. Although surgical procedures can not restore nerve function as before, but can protect the eyes and improve facial appearance, and improve the function of a weak face. Plastic surgery procedures are performed to improve the function of the eyelid, improve the position of the mouth, assist in talking, eating, and drinking, and improve the balance of face shape.
  7. Other treatments. Relaxation and acupuncture techniques are said to help speed up recovery from Bel’s palsy and restore facial nerve function.
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