7 Best Ways to Atopic Eczema Treatment For Humans

Atopic Eczema Treatment
Atopic Eczema Treatment

Atopic Eczema Treatment For Humans

Atopic eczema treatment is done only to relieve symptoms that appear. Until now, there is no cure that can cure this condition completely. If you can recognize this condition from the beginning, handling can be done as soon as possible.

The main treatment used to treat symptoms of atopic eczema is steroid and moisturizing agents. Steroid steroids are used when rashes occur and swelling when the condition recurs. While the moisturizer is a type of treatment that can be done daily to deal with dry skin symptoms.

Atopic Eczema Handling

There are several simple ways that can be done alone to help relieve symptoms that arise due to atopic eczema, namely:

  1. Keeps skin moist. Use a moisturizer and shower with warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid using hot water.
  2. Avoid objects that cause irritation. Soap and perfume that make dry skin, clothing and cloth that makes skin itch.
  3. Avoid allergen objects. Dust mites and animal fur can cause allergies in some people, try avoiding them to prevent the rash getting worse.
  4. Overcome the itching. Eczema always causes itching on the skin.Scratching can aggravate atopic eczema suffered and at risk of making skin infected with bacteria. In children, cut their nails to reduce the risk of skin damage. While on the baby, give gloves to scratch does not make his skin hurt.
  5. Changing the food menu. Foods such as eggs, nuts, and milk can trigger the onset of atopic dermatitis. Try to change the diet if the occurrence of atopic dermatitis is related to your diet.
    Talk to your doctor before making any dietary changes as some foods can be a trigger, as well as important for your health.
  6. Watch out for the sun. Sunburn and sweating can exacerbate skin irritation. Although sunlight can help alleviate the symptoms of atopic eczema, try to avoid sunburn.
  7. Avoiding stress. Stress also plays a role in making the rash get worse, try to eat and sleep enough, do fun activities to keep the mind healthy.

Treatment for atopic eczema is given in the form of:

  • Emollient Moisturizer. Emollient moisturizer serves to reduce the loss of body fluids from the skin by creating a protective layer on the skin. Dry skin due to eczema is important to get moisturizer to avoid increasing skin damage. There are so many moisturizers available free in the market. Talk with your doctor to find a moisturizer that suits your skin condition. Maybe you need to try some kind to find the one that best suits your skin condition. Moisturizers can be used in conjunction with steroid smears when inflammation occurs. Be sure to wear a moisturizer, especially when eczema recurs because at this point the skin needs the most moisture.
  • Oat and corticosteroid tablets. When there is inflammation of the skin, corticosteroid smear drug will be used to overcome it. These drugs work quickly in reducing inflammation that occurs. Corticosteroid ozone drug is prescribed in accordance with the severity of atopic eczema that occurs. Follow the doctor’s recommendations and read the instructions on the package before beginning to use them.The side effects of topical corticosteroid medication are thinning of the skin layer, especially a strong corticosteroid smear drug used in the wrong place, as in the face. In addition, acne and also increased hair growth may occur due to corticosteroid smear this drug. Skin discoloration may also be due to steroid use over several months. In the case of more severe atopic eczema, corticosteroid tablets will be prescribed by your doctor to help control reopened atopic eczema. Side effects of corticosteroid tablets are hypertension, osteoporosis, and stunted child growth. Therefore, corticosteroid tablets are generally prescribed only for short-term use.
  • Antihistamines. The body releases histamine if exposed to the element causing an allergic reaction. Histamine is an element in the body that triggers the occurrence of symptoms such as rashes, hives and swelling. Antihistamines are a type of drug that stops the effects of histamine in the blood.
  • Antibiotics. If the rash or eczema lesions appear to be infected, antibiotics will be prescribed by the doctor to address them. If the infected skin is large enough, you will be given a tablet or antibiotic capsuleIf the infected skin is small, then you will be given antibiotics in the form of creams or ointments that can be applied directly to the infected area. To prevent contamination, your doctor will prescribe a new antibiotic cream or ointment.

Other treatments doctors can take to overcome atopic eczema are:

  • Wet cover cloth therapy, which is intensive treatment by wrapping the area of infection by using a damp cloth that is combined with topical medication.
  • Light therapy. This can be done naturally or using artificial ultraviolet that is sometimes combined with the drug. However, light therapy can not be applied to children.
  • Relaxation and stress management with counseling.
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